Be careful about leftover items! - When you renting an apartment

Equipment and leftover items are difficult to distinguish without explanation

The topic is to be careful about "leftover items" when renting an apartment, to avoid any hassle, and to read the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's "Guidelines for Preventing Rental Housing Problems.''
You can download the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's "Guidelines for Preventing Rental Housing Problems" from the URL below. English version is available.
Please keep this in mind when someone start renting an apartment, or an acquaintance, friend, or your son/daughter who start living on his/her own.

Today, the Kanagawa Prefecture Administrative Scrivener Association held a training session on the basics of security deposits and common problems, and I attended it.
A senior administrative scrivener who works in the real estate management industry served as a lecturer and gave us detailed information about his experience in the field. I am also a licensed Real Estate Transaction Specialist, and there is something I didn't know about "leftover items".
Equipment that the previous tenant left behind without removing or disposing of it with the consent of the lessor (landlord) when they moved out, such as a Washlet, air conditioner, lighting equipment, gas burner, etc. At first glance, it is hard to distinguish whether the items are apartment equipment or leftover items.
When you dream of a new life and rent an apartment, there are many decisions you have to make, and you are busy with filing notifications and making moving arrangements. We know that we have to carefully read every corner of the contract, but…

In the notes section of the contract, it is written that "the Washlet installed in the rental room is a leftover item and the lessee can use it free of charge, but the lessor has no obligation to repair it.'' , even if it breaks down, you cannot have it repaired. The same goes for air conditioners, and it can be a problem if your air conditioner breaks down during the hot summer months.
The lecturer said that it is important to check for leftover items during viewings, and when someone asks, "Are there any leftover items?, he thinks this person knows very well what is important".